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Experiencing Life Through the Chakras

Experiencing Life Through the Chakras

How the Chakras Affect Your Decisions,
Success and Perspective on Life

Based on the Teachings of Salem Through Diandra
By: Clarence Deigel

Experiencing Life Through The Chakras provides an important roadmap through the chakra system for every soul desiring to awaken to their higher self and reach their full potential. The book explores the role the chakras play in how life is experienced-from the affect the chakras have on the decision making process to the success achieved in life. Simple and easy methods are given to work with the chakras to remove limiting patterns, thereby, opening life’s possibilities and freeing one to achieve one’s dreams.


  • What the chakras are and how they have evolved for use in today’s world.
  • Why the chakra system is key to opening the possibilities in you life.
  • How each of the seven major chakras affects the physical and spiritual aspects of your life.
  • Methods to remove blockages within the chakra system that can limit your life.
  • Spiritual Principles that can enhance the abilities of the chakras, allowing you to express more of who you really are.
  • The role of the chakras in manifesting your life’s desires.
  • How the chakras affect the way you experience life.

“The chakras play an integral part in your existence and daily life. Understanding and working with the chakras is an important step in being able to center yourself in the power that you are, recognizing you unlimited being-ness and the possibilities of your creative existence.”
(Excerpt from the book)

“There are many books out there that talk about the chakras and about healing through the chakras. Experiencing Life Through The Chakras is geared to the spiritual aspect of chakra energy and what this means to each of us on a day-to-day basis.

I highly recommend this book to all levels of seekers - everyone will take what they need and be able to work with it in a very real manner”. >> Bonnie Cehovet, www.WorldTarotNetwork.com

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